Monday, February 13, 2012

M89SR Sniper Rifle and IMI SR 99 Israeli Sniper

TCI M89-SR Sniper Rifle

The M89 SR Sniper Rifle is designed as a dual-purpose weapon (urban anti-terrorist operations as well as a battlefield sniper rifle). The M89SR sniper is based on the M-14 battle rifle in a bullpup configuration. The factory guarantees 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy. The only units using the M89SR as of 2002 are Sayeret Duvedevan and Sayeret Shimshon. Only a total of 50 were built, due to financial difficulties with the manufacturer and political restrictions from the US government over the M-14 base design.

These IMI SR-99 Sniper Rifle were only beginning series production as the war started and were mainly issued to the various Sayaret units, in small numbers. Despite the appearance of the IMI SR-99 Sniper Rifle, this is an evolutionary advancement of the Galil Sniper Rifle. The primary enhancements are the greatly reduced weight, made possible by polymer stock, pistol grip, and handguard, a MIL-STD-1913 rail for optics mounting (though attacked to a quick-release version of the Galatz mount and also attacked to the left side of the receiver) a stock adjustable for length of pull, height and angle of the buttplate (the buttplate is also padded), a cheekpiece adjustable for height and position along the stock, and an adjustable trigger. 

M89 SR Sniper Rifle
The handguard is also round instead or the square cross-section of the Galatz. The stock is equipped with a retractable monopod at the rear, and it also folds to the side. The pistol grip has an adjustable handrest. The folding bipod is adjustable for height and cant, and also has traverse capability; it is mounted at the rear of the handguard instead of the front for better balance.

The barrel of the IMI SR-99 is cold hammer-forged and 20 inches long; it is also equipped with a muzzle brake which is less bulky than that of the Galatz but just as effective. The bolt may be switched to a single-action mode; in this mode, the bolt does not travel and recock the weapon after each shot, making the weapon much quieter when using a suppressor. (However, in this mode, the IMI SR-99 sniper is fired using the BA rate.) The bolt carrier and charging handle are also one-piece and coated to slide easily and be as quiet as possible. The standard scope is the same as that on the Galatz, but the IMI SR-99 also has backup iron sights as well as an anti-mirage strap above the barrel.


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