Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AEK 906, AEK 906-1 and Stechkin APS

The AEK 906 Pistol is conventional in most respects but has one highly unusual feature: Unlike other revolvers, the barrel is aligned with the bottom chamber of the cylinder, rather than the top. It is claimed that this provides better balance and also transfers recoil directly up the firer’s hand, improving controll ability. A metal prong extends from the muzzle back over the top strap, holding the forward sight and giving additional strength.

Aside from this feature, the AEK 906 revolver operates in the traditional fashion. It features a swing-out cylinder and composite grips. Am≠munition is loaded with 6-round speed clips, which are supplied with the weapon. The trigger guard is shaped to facilitate a two-handed grip.
Variants: The AEK 906-1 Pistol Revolver is identical, except that it is chambered for the 9mm Parabellum caliber.

AEK 906 Revolver Specifications
Damage: 2d6 Magazine: 6 cyl
Critical: 20 Size: Small
Damage Type: Ballistic Weight: 2 lb.
Range Increment: 30 ft. Purchase DC: 15
Rate of Fire: S Restriction: Lic (+1)

Magazine: 6 cyl
Critical: 20 Size: Small
Damage Type: Ballistic Weight: 2 lb.
Range Increment: 30 ft. Purchase DC: 15
Rate of Fire: S Restriction: Lic (+1)

This  APS Stechkin Pistol was designed in the 1960s as an automatic pistol for use by military and KGB offi cers. It uses a modifi ed version of the Walther PP’s blowback action (considerably scaled up) and fi res the 9mm Makarov cartridge. The mechanism is highly complex. It is expensive to manufacture, and it requires an inordinate amount of maintenance to ensure reliable operation.

The APS Stechkins most unusual feature is that it is capable of selective fire. Unfortunately, it is nearly uncontrollable in automatic mode and is useful only when fi red in short bursts. Various shoulder stocks can be fi tted to improve accuracy, including a hollow wooden one designed to double as a holster. The Stechkin was generally considered unsuccessful, and after only a few years, it was replaced by the AK-74SU submachine gun and the ordinary Makarov pistol.


Variants: A modernized version, the OTs-33 Pernach, has recently been made available (see separate entry below).
Who Uses It: The Stechkin was withdrawn from active service; however, despite its problems, it has proven popular with terrorists and criminals. 

d20 Modern Rules: This weapon is unreliable when used to make autofire attacks

This Stechkin APS Pistol is diffi cult to control when used on the autofire setting. When used to make autofire attacks (including the use of the Burst Fire feat), the 1 penalty for machine pistols (see page XXX) is increased to 2. The penalty is 1 if the weapon is fi red with both hands. There is no penalty if it is used with the shoulder stock. Attaching or detaching the stock is a move action. If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can attach or detach the stock
as a free action when moving. With the stock attached, this weapon is considered Large.

Stechkin APS Pistol Specifications
Damage: 2d4                          Magazine: 20 box
Critical: 20 Size:                    Medium
Damage Type: Ballistic         Weight: 3 lb.
Range Increment: 30 ft.        Purchase DC: 17
Rate of Fire: S,                      A Restriction: Res (+2)


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