Saturday, June 11, 2011

Type AK 86-S Bullpup and AK-97 Assault Rifle

This is the Romanian counterpart of the AK-74; it is not really a Romanian variant of the AK-74, since RATMIL used the AKM as a base and then converted it to fire 5.45mm Kalashnikov. Like the RATMIL version of the AKM, the standard version is lighter than its Russian counterpart due to the use of polymer furniture; however, early production models used wooden furniture and had a foregrip, like the AKM-63. (These early production versions are rarely seen in Romanian service anymore, but many collectors are interested in them.) The early production model also lacked any sort of flash suppressor or muzzle brake, but current production models have a RATMIL-designed flash suppressor.

 AK 86-S Bullpup  Assault Rifle

 AK 86-S Bullpup  Assault Rifle

When found with a grenade launcher, it is normally fitted with the AG-40 instead of the GP-25. The fire selector allows for safe, semiautomatic, automatic, and 3-round burst. The other difference is the different stock style, with a skeletonized stock on the AK 86-S Bullpup  Assault rifle and a very light metal stock on the AKS-86 and AK-97 Assault rifle. A modified training version is also available, firing .22 Long Rifle ammunition, and RATMIL began selling a model firing 5.56mm ammunition in 1996, in anticipation of Romanian entry into NATO. The training rifle differs in having a solid hardwood stock and sights calibrated for shorter ranges; the 5.56mm NATO model also has different sights suited to the ammunition. Both can stillmount a bayonet or a grenade launcher.

AK-97 Assault Rifle

The AK-97 Assault rifle, is designed for use by special operations, bodyguards, and for CQB. It is essentially the AK-86 with shorter barrel. It can still mount an underbarrel grenade launcher, but cannot use a bayonet. Rumors say that the Romanians are working on a "tricked out" version of the AK-97 Assault Rifle with a MIL-STD-1913 rail atop the receiver and four-position rails on the handguards, but this has not been confirmed.


It's a neat gun, but

Norinco, export model. It's not Romanian.

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